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Our Work

In pursuit of our stated mission, all Features essays on Freedom Gazette will follow these guiding principles:

Politics and Society

  • Highlight and argue against social norms, policies and movements that curtail individual freedoms, ignite communal tensions and perpetuate identity politics
  • Envision alternative political philosophies that would safeguard individual rights and freedoms and lead to the weakening of communal tensions and identity politics


  • Develop a smarter and more enlightened market economy and economic policy agenda that secures equal and fair access to opportunity for all classes and sectors
  • Advocate further economic liberalisation to increase market efficiency, while simultaneously preventing market inefficiencies and recklessness
  • Develop ideas for economic and financial reform, including at the institutional level, in order to make an efficient market economy more viable and just


  • Develop ideas for institutional reform and legislation at all levels of governance in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability
  • Highlight issues in public service delivery and governance that plague everyday life of citizens in cities, towns and villages, and examine challenges and shortcomings in the prevailing system of governance and administration
  • Examine and review parts of the law that curtail individual freedoms and foster a culture of identity politics, and advocate alternative legislation in their place

Gender and Human Rights

  • Develop new laws, social norms, policies and institutions in order to achieve true gender equality and freedom
  • A compilation of honest and introspective essays to raise awareness on sensitive rights issues in order to achieve true individual liberty


  • Develop policy ideas for building a more enlightened, skilled and productive citizenry and labour force, with equal access to quality education for all
  • Develop ideas for improving quality, accessibility and productive value through the public and private education systems


  • Explore challenges and obstacles that continue to sustain various diseases and health issues, particularly among vulnerable sections of society
  • Develop ideas for improving quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare through the public and private healthcare systems

Energy and Environment

  • Highlight the challenges that arise from a deteriorating natural environment and critically analyse government laws/policies and shortcomings in enforcement
  • Propose alternative policies that will incentivise green innovations, discourage contamination/pollution and make sustainable growth more viable

Foreign Affairs

  • Increase awareness of the world at large – and the stake for India in international issues – among Indian audiences as India emerges on the world stage
  • Examine India’s foreign policy, highlight its challenges, and construct a policy framework that would increase India’s global influence as a responsible emerging power