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Posts published in “Foreign Affairs”

India has risen from uncertainty and insecurity to become a nuclear power with a booming economy and a powerful military. Indians have settled and thrived everywhere. Yet, India remains an underwhelming power on the world stage. Freedom Gazette now sets itself in pursuit of India’s destiny as a responsible force for global good.

India is Its Own Enemy in South Asia

If the Indian Army Chief believes that Nepal needs to be told by China to counter India, he is wrong: Nepal has long wanted to counter India. China only became a factor because of Nepal’s distrust of India. For years, hegemonic behaviour from New Delhi has been compromising India’s interests.

Why Central Asia Matters to India

Central Asia has been an important part of Indian history for centuries. But in the modern era, India has struggled to compete with Chinese money and Pakistani intransigence. Now, India finally has an opportunity to build influence in the energy-rich region by using its own unique advantages.