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Posts published in “Politics and Society”

India was not founded as a nation for the majority or the minority, but as a nation for everybody. Read on for visionary ideas from a new generation of Indians, seeking to bring back the spirit of our freedom.

The Need to Reconnect with Kashmiris

There is an urgent need to repair the disenchantment of Kashmiris towards local electoral politics and stem the alarming rise in local radicalisation. The Army can provide the government with law and order solutions under extreme circumstances, but the political establishment must then follow through. That has never happened as yet.

Reclaiming India’s Nationalist Movement

The cause of Indian freedom inspired people around the world because it was a cause of universal values, rather than a struggle for ethnic supremacy or cultural domination. The cause was not the assertion of an ethnic or cultural identity of Indian-ness; it was for the realisation of fundamental human rights.